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Did you ever need a logo design? Have you ever thought of hiring someone to spice up the look your template-built website (blog or any other type of webpage located on the world wide web)? Did you ever need a short track to use as an intro for your presentation, YouTube channel or something else? Did you ever need a writer to re-edit your content? Sure you did.

These are just a few examples of the situations one can need the help of a freelance artist. But artist labor doesn't ever come cheap, if you'd search Google for these types of services, the first few result pages would be filled with offers of doing the task FOR MULTIPLE HUNDREDS, IF NOT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. This makes most of us reconsider, or, something only the determined few do, search for an affordable alternative.

So, why does artist labor cost so much? All you need is a simple design or a looping sound track - it's not even a half-hours worth of work at most, how can it be THAT expensive? Well, the short answer is... IT'S NOT. The service that most of the companies big-enough to get into the top ten ranks of a Google offer is, even considering it sometimes being of slightly better quality, overpriced. Why? Because there is a middle man.

You don't pay the artist - you pay the company. The artist himself rarely even gets a quarter of what you pay. Where does the rest of your money go? Answer: expensive advertising, staff salaries, commissions, etc.. What a rip-off, right?

Don't despair; there's still hope. If you do your research or simply use free resources available online, you can still get what you need done, but that would be time consuming for you and, in the end, you'll find out that there's not enough room for customization. So, how do you get out of this messy situation? One word: Freelance.

From Where to Hire an Artist

Freelance artists have been in business for years, but the problem was that in order to hire one you had to either:

  1. know the artist personally
  2. find an ad somewhere

This is no longer the case. The internet has multiple websites that connect artists with employers. Such sites include:, and others. But the problem with those freelancers is that often they don't have the necessary experience to do a good work for you. So, what can you do then?

You can hire me! You WILL get what you need done for 30-50% of the price you would normally pay. How does that sound to you? See samples of my work and then send me an email so we can discuss your project. You won't be disappointed.

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