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Ever felt stuck at a freelance work forum, while searching for a freelance artist to hire for your new project? Does that artinschool85 fellow with no work experience look suspicious to you? Are you, on the other hand, unwilling to pay someone who has no credibility?

Well, you are not alone! And here are some tips that will help you find someone qualified for the task you need them to do. Hopefully, this article will guide you to:

  1. hire some competent artist for your project
  2. save a bit of money while you're at it

So let's get started, shall we?

Hire a Freelance Artist That Has Samples of His Work

This is a no-brainer. If the artist is reluctant to show what he has done in the past, he is either unqualified or untrustworthy. I strongly recommend you steer away from these people, even if the price is tempting. The is nothing sadder than having to pay money for something you will never use, because it doesn't matched your expectations.

And while even someone who's portfolio you liked, may not give you the results you wanted, the risk there is much lower that going for that leap of faith and trusting your money to someone of who's abilities you are unsure of.

A Freelance Artist Can be Bargain With

This is something left-brained employers have trouble understanding. You can actually bargain with artists. Art is different from physical products. The artist loses nothing from giving you a discount, so if you make it a worthwhile deal for him, it is most likely that he will accept it. The most effective example is one with multiple assignments (it is quite hard for one to get a constant flow of assignments as a freelance artist and so multiple deals are something most artists are willing to give discounts for. Does this make sense to you? Allow me to explain.

Let's say that employer A offers our freelance artist $100 for a single task, while employer B (you really want to be employer B) offers him only $60, but puts an order of five tasks. Now, the artist doesn't see it as 100$ vs 60$; he instead sees it as 100$ vs 300$, because there is no guarantee that he will be able to get work elsewhere. Stability in employment is something most artists crave, you know? Which moves us to our next tip.

Establish Credibility With Your Freelance Artist

It's not only the employer that chooses the artist; this also goes the other way around. It isn't uncommon for a freelance artist to not get paid or to get his assignment canceled when it's almost complete. While less experienced artists will flock to any job offer, you need to establish freelance employer credibility if you want to attract the best artist at the best price.

Achieving credibility is easier than it sounds. The only thing you have to do is choose a freelance platform and stick to it. And when finishing a deal, make sure to tell the artist to leave feedback on your employer profile (most big freelance websites have a reputation system for both employers and artists). As a law-abiding employer, you will naturally get good feedback. It comes naturally...

Always Have a Clear Idea of What You Want

As an employer you have a vision of what you want. You know every detail, every idea. Well, your employee does not, unless you present your ideas in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner. If you cannot do so, don't waste the artist's time while you flounder. Do not be afraid to ask for some input BEFORE you settle on the payment. You are a potential employer, the artist wants your enterprise to be successful as much as you do (as one satisfied client equals three new ones in the future).

Make Friends With Your Freelance Artist

This is probably the most important tip. Get to know the artist. Don't be afraid to share your contacts and have contacts shared with you. Even on a forum/website, people tend to flock in groups. If you are, for example, looking for composers, asking a forum-buddy that had recently hired someone for a similar assignment is a good idea. By providing you with the contact information of an artist your forum friend actually does the artist a favor by hooking him up with a credible employer. Just make sure you mention who sent you!

Looking For an Experienced Freelance Artist?

If you're looking for good 2D concept art, hire me! You WILL get what you need done for 30-50% of the price you would normally pay. See samples of my work and then send me an email so we can discuss your project. You won't be disappointed.

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