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Silviu is not just an outrageously good artist. He is also a trustworthy, kind and hard-working man. When I asked him to do something for me that others declined because of its difficulty, Silviu accepted and made it so much better than I could ever hope for. Thank you! (Ege Gokirmak)

The saying 'You get what you're paying for' was never more true with Silviu. When he send me the first drawing I was like 'OMFG!' The other artists I used to work with are no match for this guy's art. (Billy DiFranco)

Silviu has been one of my favorite artist to work with. He is reliable and has always exceeded my expectations with the art work he has done for me. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do what he does for me. (Alan Fernandez)

Thanks to the free tower defense graphics provided by Silviu, I was able to immediately begin development on my first OpenGL ES game for Android, and I must say it is going to look very sharp! (Stephen of TechneGames)

game artist robots.jpg

Before you continue, a little side note:

Finding CHEAP work somewhere else will not better serve your gaming project. You will not win if you pay someone LESS than the value you create. I will also not win if I get paid MORE than the value I create. My goal is to get your investment to be "correct." I tend to be very flexible with new clients, listening to THEIR requirements and doing what I can to help.

Everyone is different -- having different needs and different budgets. If sometimes I choose to work with people who have a small budget, but have their game at heart and are willing to sacrifice everything to get it done, other times I will reject a project IF I feel that the developer's expectations are unrealistic OR the developer doesn't care enough for their project OR they are trying to rip me off and not paying me what I'm worth. I care about each and every one of my clients and try to establish long-term professional relationships with them. I care about what's going on in your life, what are your dreams; I occasionally offer design suggestions and I often tend to over-deliver. That is all... Looking forward to hear from you!

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space game ships

If you're looking for a reliable freelance graphic artist for hire to help you out with your gaming project, I'm your guy! But first, let me tell you a little bit about me...

My name is Silviu, 30 years old, and I'm from Romania. I started working in game development in 2005 as a Graphics Artist. Because I was a big fan of StarCraft at the time and RTS games were my passion, I decided to make one with a friend of mine. Since there were only two of us, took us almost three years to get it done and to get a publisher for "Galactic Dream: Rage Of War".

freelance artist soldier drawing

Galactic Dream: Rage Of War gameplay video. Sorry, video quality is pretty low...

Rage of War units in more detail:

  1. Battlecruiser Screenshot
  2. Terran Turret Screenshot
gui freelance artist

Xeno Online

Because things with the publisher didn't go as expected, we scrapped the "Rage of War" graphics and decided to make a RTS browser-based game instead. We called it "Xeno Online." Since there were not that much browser-based games on the market at the time, things were going great for us. You can see screenshots from XO below. In-game structures were animated.

cheap freelance artist for games

xeno online banner

good freelance artist for games

Like I said, most buildings are animated in the game. Nothing complicated; just something to make the game feel more "alive," you know? This is how they turned out...

xeno online building 1 xeno online building 2 xeno online building 3

Asgard Heroes

In early 2009, me and my friend decided to build our second strategy browser-based game. We called it Asgard Heroes. The game was a mix between the popular TV show Stargate and StarCraft. The fans loved it and we had a really great time releasing new servers and updating Asgard Heroes with new content. Following are some screenshots from the game.

game freelance art

asgard heroes banner

game freelance artist

Just like in previous game, many buildings were animated, and even some military units.

asgard heroes building 2 asgard heroes building 1 asgard heroes building 3 asgard heroes unit 1 asgard heroes unit 2 asgard heroes unit 3

Other Asgard Heroes-related art:

  1. Asgard Heroes Website Header
  2. Asgard Heroes GUI Art
  3. Asgard Heroes Map View
  4. Asgard Heroes Promotion

In 2011, I quit working on Asgard Heroes because it was no longer profitable and made a website about top Internet searches. Today, I am relying solely on freelance work for a living. Being a freelance artist for hire is something I dreamed since I was little. I would hate working for big companies such as Ubisoft because, although the payment is very good, it's nothing compared to the freedom freelance work gives me.

So far, I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. Communication was great and they even gave me artistic freedom; something that I would never get in corporate gaming. Artistic freedom is very important to me because I care a great deal about how the players would perceive my drawings. Among the awesome people I had the opportunity to work with, I would like to mention Ozden Irmak of Klik Games. Although I cannot publish here the artwork I've done for him due to legal consideration, if you own an iPhone, download FastBall 3, FastBall 2 and BirdTale and check out the balls and birds.

As time passed by, I started to draw stuff that I plan to use sometimes in the future, in my own games. Here is a bunch of unpublished art. I apologize for the grid covering some of the images below; I am only trying to protect my unpublished work.

freelance graphic artist

free tower defense creep 1 free tower defense creep 2 free tower defense creep 3

By the way, here's some FREE Tower Defense graphics for you, if you're interested.

interface freelance artist gui
fantasy game graphic artist
freelance artist for browser games
graphic artist for games
2d freelance artist for games
browser game artist

I am an experienced graphics artist and I can create quality artwork for your needs. I am most comfortable with science fiction and futuristic art, although I can also do well with fantasy and cartoon styles. I specialize in 2D artwork for games, I am proficient with interface design and I can also provide valuable advice on your game design. I have a cheerful attitude towards work and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with me.

cheap game artist for hire     game artist for hire

Other things you should know about me before getting in-touch:

  1. Years in game development: 7
  2. Willing to Relocate: Yes
  3. Payment Arrangement: Commission based, usually paid upfront. I accept PayPal.
  4. Availability: I'm available many hours per day and can keep communication open via messenger.
  5. Ideal Client Size: I prefer to work on small projects.

Other graphics ment to convince you that I am the right guy for the job:

interface freelance artist

games concept artist

gaming artist

fallout 4 deathclaw

freelance artist for hire

 More Samples:

 Trading Card Game Girls
 Lots and lots of girls for a trading card game

 Photo Manipulation
 A photo manipulation of beaufiful Jessica Alba

 Website Design Header
 This is the second header for Asgard Heroes

 Mockup for iPhone Game
 Rough concept for an iPhone game, Alien Cat

 Asgard Heroes New
 New structures, units and technologies

 Asgard Heroes Upgrades
 Upgraded Zergs... just kidding! Or maybe not.

Rates & Contact Information

I own an iPod 4 so I can see my drawings in action and thus provide the appropriate art quality for iOS programmers. Although I usually charge $10-$30 per hour, depending on the details you want for your drawing, I can also charge by commission or graphics package. I prefer the client writing down a list with ALL game assets and then making me a proposal. After we negotiate a price and you sent me an advance payment, I start working almost immediately.

I may not be cheap, but I am great at what I do and will redo everything you don't like, free of charge. The harsh truth is that you get what you're paying for; if you want to buy mediocre art, then fine by me. However, if you decide to work with me, your game would definitely look awesome. Your job would be to make an equal awesome gameplay! Here's how you can get in-touch with me to discuss your project:

email E-mail me at... contact email
skype I'm silviu.ploisteanu on Skype
facebook Feel free to add me on Facebook
you got a dream

I am confident that WE can achieve great things together, only if you let me be part of your dream. I've shown you what I can do; now it's time for you to show me what YOU want to do.

I'M ON FIVERR! Check out my profile and get your graphics for cheap right meow!*

*Ops, I meant now.

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