Free Tower Defense Graphics

To use my free Tower Defense graphics, you will need to follow these rules:

1. Give me credit. A simple request, considering what I'm offering you for free.
2. Send me an email with a link to where your game is published.
3. If you publish the game on your website, link back to this site.
4. DO NOT post the sprites on your website! Instead, link back to me!

5. You are allowed to use the graphics for your OWN game, even if you will release it commercially. However, you are NOT ALLOWED to use these assets to create a tech demo or a template that you will sell afterwards. Only games.

Free Tower Defense Tilesets

Again, you MUST FOLLOW the above rules in order for you to use my free Tower Defense assets. So, you decide to create your very own Tower Defense game BUT you can't find any free graphics on the Internet to use. I can relate to that. You don't want (maybe this is your first project) or can't afford to invest any money in graphics right now? Well, you're in luck! I am giving away for free these graphics for Tower Defense game. Here's a screenshot from what could be your game...

upgrade tower defense

Starting from the left, you see: the platform, the turrets (each with 3 upgradable states), animated enemies and 15 background modules (to the right). The platform tiles and the background models can be combined to create new levels, like a puzzle. I was planning on using these to create my very own Tower Defense game in Flash. Nothing complicated; just simple graphics, simple story (a few text lines) and a simple gameplay. Game's resolution was supposed to be low because I wanted my Tower Defense to run on as many flash game websites as possible.

I started with the background (470*400 pixels). Then I thought about choosing a level... Instead of the traditional choose a level menu with squares containing numbers from 1 to whatever, I decided to make this process more interesting. So I came up with the idea where aliens attack a space ship, let's call it a carrier and you are suppose to defend different parts of this ship.

Free Tower Defense Levels

Starting from the left, we have the ENGINES area, the HANGAR, the ROBOTICS bay (the part with the blue lines) and the CIVILIAN area (the part with the yellow lines, the bow of the ship). Of course, more areas can be added later on: for e.g. the DEFENSE area (the part of the ship with multiple turrets) or the BRIDGE. These areas will have numbers assigned to them (from 1 to X). Players will click on them and play that specific level. Of course, level 2 (the hangar) will become available only after completing the first level (the engines) and so on. Get it?

If initially my free tower defense graphics package had only one background, the first update brought MODULES that fit together like a puzzle and can be arranged to represent the area of the ship where the fight is currently taking place. Something like this:

Free Tower Defense Tiles

I hope this makes sense to you; but if you don't get it, you can always send me an email, skype me or ask me on Facebook. Now, these MODULES can also be rotated (by you) and placed at the bottom, left or top of the screen for more level variation. I trust you can do that yourself; you will only get the modules for the right side of the screen here. Here we go...

Tower Defense Tileset 1 Tower Defense Tileset 2 Tower Defense Tileset 3
3 regular modules - can be placed anywhere

Tower Defense Tileset 4 Tower Defense Tileset 5
2 engine modules

Tower Defense Tileset 6 Tower Defense Tileset 7
2 robotics/factory modules

Tower Defense Tileset 8 Tower Defense Tileset 9
2 civilian modules

Tower Defense Tileset 10 Tower Defense Tileset 11
2 hangar modules

Tower Defense Tileset 12
1 module with ship's affiliation - erase "Earth Defense" and replaced with whatever you want

Tower Defense Core - Little Damage Tower Defense Core - Half Damage Tower Defense Core - Heavy Damage
1 core module with 3 damage states - to make it intuitive for the player to figure out quickly how much damage his ship sustained, without looking at the actual numbers. Yellow core - more than 50% damage, red - over 75%.

Tower Defense Tileset 14 Tower Defense Tileset 15
2 end modules - place the first on top and the second at the bottom, like in the sample image

That looks promising, doesn't it? I could have drawn more modules but that would mean that I would have delayed this post even longer and that would have made Santa sad. I am planning on adding more artwork to this TD package, but after the holidays. Because now it's time for the family and getting fat and/or drunk. Game development can wait...

Next, let's add some TILES to build the platform on which turrets are going to be placed. Sorry, I made only one tileset. I'm planning to make more later so better keep an eye on this page. Here's how the parts for the platform look like:

free tower defense tileset 1 free tower defense tileset 2 free tower defense tileset 3 free tower defense tileset 4 free tower defense tileset 5 free tower defense tileset 6 free tower defense tileset 7

Put the tiles together and you will have something like this:

free tower defense tilesets

Next, I drew 7 TURRETS. Actually, this is an update, there were no upgrades at the beginning.

tower defense turret 1 state 1
tower defense turret 1 state 2
tower defense turret 1 state 3
tower defense turret 2 state 1
tower defense turret 2 state 2
tower defense turret 2 state 3
tower defense turret 3 state 1
tower defense turret 3 state 2
tower defense turret 3 state 3
tower defense turret 4 state 1
tower defense turret 4 state 2
tower defense turret 4 state 3
tower defense turret 5 state 1
tower defense turret 5 state 2
tower defense turret 5 state 3
tower defense turret 6 state 1
tower defense turret 6 state 2
tower defense turret 6 state 3
tower defense turret 7 state 1
tower defense turret 7 state 2
tower defense turret 7 state 3

Each turret consisting of two separate images: CANNON and SUPPORT. Obviously, the cannon rotates on its support while facing enemies. For diversity, some turrets will rotate slower than others. If you don't like the support for whatever reason, you can just get rid of it or modify it to better suit your needs.

Next, for my Tower Defense game I needed several ENEMIES, so I drew some. I only made three and one boss (all 46*46 pixels), but fortunately they come in four colors and are animated. I was planning on drawing more later, but first I just wanted to see my game getting a head start, if you know what I mean.

free tower defense creep 1 free tower defense creep 2 free tower defense creep 3 free tower defense creep 1 free tower defense creep 2 free tower defense creep 3

free tower defense creep 1 free tower defense creep 2 free tower defense creep 3 free tower defense creep 1 free tower defense creep 2 free tower defense creep 3

Here's how to use the frames available in the ZIP package you will download at the end of this page, to create animations:

free tower defense tiles

And here's the BOSS. That's one scary alien crab! Or something...

creep boss 3

Next, UPGRADING turrets. My idea was this: first, you will click/tap on the turret. When you do that, you'll get info on both current and upgrade stats. Hold down mouse button or tap for 3 seconds to upgrade that specific turret.

On clicking/tapping the current and upgrade stats are going to be displayed with bars (or stars), from 1 to 5 for e.g. The stats are: damage, rate of fire and range. Not all stats will change after an upgrade, of course... To give you an example, when tapping the first turret, the player will see its CURRENT stats and notice that damage will increase by 1 bar (green) when upgraded. I think I can better explain this by drawing it:

Tower Defense Turret Upgrading...

See what I mean? Damage is 2 bars, but with the upgrade becomes 3 bars. Now, all the player has to do is holding down the mouse button or tapping for 3 seconds to upgrade the turret. There's one problem with this system though: you can't sell the turret. But, again, I never sell the turrets on the TD games I've played. Unless they were poorly designed games. However, if you need to sell a turret, I think you can click it/tap for more seconds, like ten. You'll figure it out...

And here's the images you'll need if you want to use my system. The font I used is Arial bold 9pt.

Tower Defense Background Tower Defense Current Tower Defense Upgrade

The idea of making a MODULAR DESIGN makes sense to me when you're dealing with PIXEL ART graphics and different screen resolutions. You only take what you need and leave out the rest. For this very purpose, the background (see below) is separated and will be looped/tiled. Also, for the purpose of making the game more alive, the tilesets can be animated, e.g. making the hangar doors open and releasing a small cargo ship that wanders around for a while and then leaves the screen.

Tower Defense Hangar Ship

Yes, you can use this ship. What about small asteroids randomly appearing and rotating in the background, below the platforms layer? There are lots of choices. Also, the turrets need names and specific roles (e.g. machine gun (fast fire rate, low damage), cannon (splash damage), sniper (fires at large distance but slow), a turret that can slowdown enemies, another one that can burn them (deals damage overtime), a turret that fires a laser that damages enemies in a straight line, etc.).

tower defense background


That's it! These free graphics should be more than enough to get you started on your Tower Defense game. Unfortunately, I'm not going to give you EVERYTHING you need to finish your game, such as fire and explosions or even an interface, but I'm sure you will manage. The important thing is to get your game going. Once you create an editor, make a few levels to get the hang of it; the rest will come.

Although my free Tower Defense graphics are for Commercial Use, I'd appreciate it if you'd ask for permission before using them. I can offer useful suggestions regarding your game and maybe draw some free stuff for you IF I'm not busy at the time. To give you an example of what your game can become, here's a little TD game that I've contributed to, and that's about to be released on Steam: Shuttle Siege.

tower defense sample

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